CBIS Graduate Benefits

The CBIS graduate can demonstrate to the potential employer that he or she is a self-motivated learner. The student had to discipline himself or herself to pick up the books and study. There was no mandatory class time nor a teacher to be accountable to. You did not receive any credit for keeping a lecture hall seat warm or chatting online with other students. You received credit only for demonstrated results.

In ministry, self-actuated workers are highly valuable to an employer. CBIS graduates have proven that they hear the Holy Spirit prompt him or her what to do, how to do it, when to do it—and they obey.

As A CBIS Graduate You Will Be:

  1. A proven self-starter
  2. A proven self-learner
  3. Passionate about education
  4. Passionate about the Bible
  5. Grounded in Bible basics
  6. Faithful steward with God’s money

Have you neglected to communicate these vital characteristics to your potential employer? While interviewing, focus your conversation on the skills and traits you have mastered rather than the pedigree of your school. Explain to the employer how a worker who listens to the Holy Spirit and moves accordingly is of greatest benefit.