CBIS Scholarships

CBIS offers partial tuition scholarships to students who meet one of the requirements listed below. Students that receive scholarships may still have to pay for some of their materials. Please contact an Academic Advisor or a member of our staff for more information.

Church Matching Scholarship

Students must complete the Church Matching Scholarship Application. Funds from the church must be submitted prior to enrollment. CBIS will match up to $1000.00.

Financial Need Scholarship

This scholarship is for students with financial need. The scholarship amount for this program is $1000.00-$2000.00. The amount to be awarded is based upon the financial status of the student and degree program that the student is enrolling in. Please refer to the TAP (Tuition Assistance Plan) page for more information.

Full-Time Ministry Worker Scholarship

The student must be a full-time Ministry worker with a minimum of two years in full-time ministry prior to studies at CBIS, plus have current full-time ministry employment. The student must complete a Full-Time Christian Ministry Verification Sheet. The scholarship amount ranges from $500.00–$1000.00.

Click on the following link to download a scholarship application. CBIS Scholarship Application

*Scholarships are awarded based upon the availability of funding at the time the student applies and are not awarded for Certification Programs*

Helen Graham Spears Heritage Scholarship

(Up to $1,600) This scholarship is awarded to full-time students entering a degree program who demonstrate leadership experience and potential as recommended by his or her home church as showing leadership and ministry potential. Dr. Spears served as registrar for Christian Bible Institute & Seminary for 8 years before going home to be with the Lord.

This scholarship is awarded in remembrance of her and to her dedication to Christian Leadership. Students who receive this scholarship will receive their degree with her signature on it as registrar. The monetary amount listed is the expected scholarship value for the upcoming school year. However, CBIS reserves the right to adjust these amounts as necessary.

Questions about this scholarships? Please email us at info@christianbibleinstitute.net