Chaplaincy Overview & Requirements

  • What is Chaplaincy?
  • Who is a Chaplain?
  • Chaplain Requirements &Training
  • Emergency Roles and Non-Emergency Chaplains.
  • Ministering in a Work Facility
  • The Basics of Counseling
  • Chaplaincy’s Personal Ministry
  • Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention
  • Crisis Communication Training
  • Warning Signs of Mental Illness
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Elements of Crisis Intervention
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Crisis
  • Signs, Symbols, and Street Gangs
  • Youth and Domestic Violence
  • Gangs and Schools
  • Juvenile Court Services
  • Community Services
  • Female Gang Associations
  • Victims & Suicide Risk Indicators
  • Religions, Interfaith Importance & Practices
  • Christianity and Denominations
  • Bible, Definitions, Study
  • Templates, Weddings, Baptism, Funerals
  • Prayer, Scriptures, Passages, and Miracle
Required Reading:

Ministry of Presence: Biblical Insight on Christian Chaplaincy. Woodard, Wit. Faithful Life Publishers, 2011.

The Work of the Chaplain. Paget, Naomi K. and McCormack, Janet R. Judson Press, 2006.

After the completion this course, your exam will be graded, and you will be notified of the results of via email. Your certificate will be mailed out to you after you complete all coursework with a passing grade of 70 or above. It will take about 30 days for you to receive your badge and badge holder in the mail.

ICCA will transfer up to 15 credit hours towards a degree with Christian Bible Institute & Seminary.

Registration Fee: $50.00

Tuition Cost: $300.00

Annual Membership Fee: $50.00

Program Total: 15 credit hours

Materials are included

* Make payment out to “CBIS” if paying by check or money order

When you send in your application along with the fee for the program, we will email your coursework.  You will need to purchase the 2 books and consult with the appointed professor.

You must complete the ICCA Chaplain Certification program or have the equivalent in previous education.

You must have three letters of recommendation from your Pastor, denomination or Church group, and another minister that knows you well.