LEAD Program

You may be closer to earning a Degree than you know!

The Life Experience Acquired Degree Program (LEAD) offers students of mature age the opportunity to earn their degree by Life Experience Credits along with some additional course work. LEAD is a true Life Experience Degree Program, designed to assess the student’s educational and academic standing through prior learning, professional experience and other factors.

Students age 30 years and older are offered the opportunity to take the Portfolio Assessment Evaluation to determine the student’s status and academic standing based on prior learning, practical experience, books read and seminars/symposiums attended.

The Portfolio Assessment is used to review and calculate total credits to be awarded for prior learning and professional credits earned. To be eligible for this degree you must meet the Life Experience criteria. Upon review, the Board of Regents will make its determination whether or not the student qualifies for his/her degree. If the Board of Regents votes favorably, the student will need to pass the CBIS Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam with a score of no less than 70%.
The amount of coursework required will depend upon the students life experience and the degree selected. To be eligible for this degree program you must meet the necessary academic requirements as well as the Life Experience criteria.

Students who apply for the LEAD Masters and or Doctorate Degree must complete and submit a Thesis and or Dissertation before receiving their degree from CBIS.

Click on the following link to see the list of degrees offered for the CBIS LEAD Program. Click Here

Click here to fill out the online LEAD Program Questionnaire. Click Here

After the questionnaire has been completed a determination will be made as to whether or not the student qualifies as a LEAD candidate. If the student meets the preliminary qualifications they may apply by following the steps below.

How to Apply:

Complete and submit the CBIS LEAD application. There is a one-time non-refundable $100.00 Portfolio Assessment fee that is due and must be made payable upon submission of your LEAD Application.

Your application will not be reviewed if payment has not been received for the Portfolio Assessment. You may mail your completed LEAD Application to the CBIS school address along with the required fee in the amount of $100.00.

If you are accepted into the LEAD Program you will also be required to pass the CBIS Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam. There is an $85.00 fee for taking this exam.

You will be eligible to receive your accredited degree from CBIS after you have done the following:

1. Submit your completed LEAD Application along with the required documents to complete your Portfolio Assessment.
2. Receive a passing score of no less than 70% on the Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam.

Be sure to follow the following instructions carefully before submitting your LEAD Application. Failure to submit accurate information will be grounds for rejection of your application.

Please complete and submit the following documents for review:

Click here to apply online LEAD Application

Click here to download the CBIS LEAD Application LEAD Application

Click here to download the CBIS Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam

If you would like for Dr. Lewis to come and confer your degree in person you may fill out the Request To Confer A Degree Form by clicking on the following link http://christianbibleinstitute.net/request-to-confer-degree

*All degrees from CBIS are earned and not sold. CBIS does not operate as a diploma mill*