Tuition Assistance Plan

Through a unique, needs-based approach CBIS has created a special plan to assist lower-income students and families with receiving a quality Christian education online.

The Tuition Assistance Plan provides an important option where cost is a significant obstruction to a obtaining a degree due to financial difficulties.

Through the Tuition Assistance Plan CBIS is able to work with prospective students by providing a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 that may be applied towards any degree program offered by CBIS. The costs of books and certain other materials or fees will still apply.

Requests for tuition assistance are made by filling out the online TAP form. Financial assistance is intended for low income families and or individuals. If funds are available for allocation, tuition assistance may be awarded to those who apply and qualify during the enrollment term. Proof of income is required.

To apply, fill out the online application below and you will be contacted if you meet the necessary qualifications to receive financial assistance through TAP.

This is not a tuition free program. This program is not designed for those who have no income, but for those who have low income. You must be able to pay your monthly tuition payments after the scholarship has been awarded. If you are currently unemployed and or have no additional income coming in, you may want to wait until it is economically feasible for you to enroll in one of our degree programs.

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