Financial Information

Enrolling in classes is a financial commitment.

Tuition & Fees

It is our aim to keep CBIS affordable and accessible to students. Our philosophy is to train up men and women in God’s word and see them complete their degree program free from any school debt, ready to serve and represent Jesus Christ wherever His Spirit calls them.

Christian Bible Institute & Seminary does not currently participate in government-funded financial aid programs or guaranteed student loans. However, our commitment to providing affordable biblical higher education will remain one of core values. Information about Payment Plans can be found below.

CBIS does not currently have an OPE ID number

We receive payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Cashier’s Check, eCheck, Moneygram, Western Union and Zelle. If you are paying by bank check, Please indicate who the student is and their email address. Make all checks and or money orders payable to CBIS.

Master’s Thesis or Manuscript Fee:$600.00
Doctoral Dissertation or Manuscript Fee: $700.00
Matriculation Fee: $150.00
Switching Majors/Concentration Fee: $150.00
APS Report:$15.00
Reinstatement Fee: $150.00
CBIS Custom Frame Fee: $100.00
Insufficient Funds: $25.00 per check
Transcript Fee: $15.00
Degree Replacement:$75.00
Graduation Fee: (payable prior to graduation or upon receiving degree)$125.00
Life Experience Credit: $13.33 per credit
Bible Knowledge Equivalency Exam Fee: $100.00
Life Experience Portfolio Assessment Fee: $300.00

Payment Options

To help you meet your educational expenses, Christian Bible Institute & Seminary is proud to offer a convenient monthly Tuition Payment Plan. The monthly payment plan is not a loan program or financial aid. There are no interest or finance charges assessed, and there is no credit check.

Christian Bible Institute & Seminary requires that all fees and tuition be paid in full at the time of enrollment. However, if an installment plan is needed, one of the payment plans listed below may be requested. (Should a payment plan be selected, the student becomes liable for the full amount). The cost of course materials is included in the cost of tuition.

Low Tuition Philosophy

We have the philosophy that a quality, spiritual education training a person for service to the Lord Jesus Christ should not leave that individual with oppressive financial debt.

This is another reason why we have not sought the very costly regional accreditation leading to qualification for government-guaranteed student loans and other government programs. Institutions using such loans generally charge the maximum tuition allowable, leaving the student with a sizeable debt at the completion of their education. For those called to the ministry, it can be very difficult to obey God’s calling with this type of debt lingering over their finances.

Therefore, we selected a less-costly, independent accreditation. Our approach is to provide the most affordable, quality, spiritual education that we can as a ministry to the Lord and to His servants.

Student Loans

Our policy is to provide an in-house, interest-free, student loan in the form of a “pay-as-you-go” program rather than requiring the student to pay the full tuition at the beginning of each semester.

Flexibility of schedule is another great advantage of our approach. Students can finish their programs of study or achieve their educational goals over a period of time convenient to them. Their own personal preferences, work schedules, and their own finances determine the speed at which they progress.


Traditional Degree Program

Full Tuition:

Payment in Full (20% discount off of tuition if paid in full upfront)

Associate Degree Program:$3,600.00
Bachelor’s Degree Program:$4,600.00
Master’s Degree Program:$5,600.00
Doctorate Degree Program: $6,600.00
Ph.D. Degree Program:$7,600.00


Quarterly Payment Plan

Associate Degree Program:$900.00
Bachelor’s Degree Program:$1,150.00
Master’s Degree Program:$1,400.00
Doctorate Degree Program:$1,650.00
Ph.D. Degree Program:$1,900.00


12 Month Payment Plan

Associate Degree Program:$300.00
Bachelor’s Degree Program:$383.34
Master’s Degree Program:$466.67
Doctorate Degree Program: $550.00
Ph.D. Degree Program:$633.34


24 Month Payment Plan

Associate Degree Program:$150.00
Bachelor’s Degree Program:$192.00
Master’s Degree Program:$233.34
Doctorate Degree Program: $275.00
Ph.D. Degree Program:$316.67


36 Month Payment Plan

Associate Degree Program:$100.00
Bachelor’s Degree Program:$127.28
Master’s Degree Program:$155.56
Doctorate Degree Program: $183.34
Ph.D. Degree Program:$211.12

Dual Degree Program

Full Tuition

Payment in Full (20% discount off of tuition if paid in full upfront)

Bachelors/Masters: $7,600.00
Masters/Ph.D. :$9,600.00


Quarterly Payment Plan

Bachelors/Masters: $1,900.00


12 Month Payment Plan

Bachelors/Masters: $633.34
Masters/Ph.D. :$800.00


24 Month Payment Plan

Bachelors/Masters: $316.67
Masters/Ph.D. :$400.00


36 Month Payment Plan

Bachelors/Masters: $211.12
Masters/Ph.D. :$266.67

You may pay your tuition in full, quarterly or you may choose the 12,  24 or 36 month payment plan. There is a small down payment required for the 24 and 36 month payment plans. The down payment for the 24 month payment plan is $300.00 and $500.00 for the 36 month payment plan. The down payment is not subtracted from the cost of tuition.

You will receive your first course  along with your enrollment paperwork once your down payment, application and enrollment fee and first months tuition is received.  You will receive one course at a time. Once one class has been completed, another will be made available to you after your monthly tuition has been paid. All coursework and exams will be emailed to you in PDF format. All programs are self-paced. You will have four years to complete your degree program.

Spousal Discount Plan

The Spousal Discount Plan is set up for only husbands and wives who wish to study during the same time frame. The institution will charge the regular fee to the spouse that is in the higher-level degree program. The spouse in the lower or same level of study may receive a 30% discount on tuition only. It does not apply to fees such as the Application, Graduation, Matriculation, and Portfolio Learning Assessment fees. Nor does this plan apply to Honorary, LEAD or Certification Programs.


  1. The spousal discount plan is effective only if the tuition discounted spouse enrolls in the program within 30 days of the enrollment of the paying spouse.
  2.  If a paying spouse withdraws from the school, the tuition discounted spouse must also withdraw or convert to a paid program.

Tuition must be paid in full within 24 months even if the student has not completed all coursework required to receive their degree.

The cost of tuition that is applicable to the degree program, in which you want to join, should be sent along with your application or at the same time. Your application will be processed, and the Admission Letter will be sent only after the receipt of your Tuition in full or based upon your monthly payment arrangements!

Monthly tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month. However, if the student fails to make his/her required payment on the scheduled date, a late fee of $25.00 will be implemented. Failure to make monthly payments for two (2) consecutive months will be grounds for expulsion from the Degree Program the student is enrolled in. If the student is expelled for financial reasons, he/she may appeal and seek reinstatement. However, the student, once expelled for financial reasons, will be required to pay the outstanding balance in full, including late fees and reinstatement fees. Please contact us if you are having financial difficulties

We accept credit card, checks, MoneyGram, western union, cashiers checks and cash as acceptable forms of payment towards tuition.

Refund Policy

A student may withdraw from a degree program at any time. However, the CBIS requests that the intent be confirmed in writing. CBIS has a No Refund Policy. All payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in one of our certificate and or degree programs. All academic program requirements and financial obligations must be met before any certificate, diploma, or degree will be awarded

Make A Payment

We receive payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Cashier’s Check, eCheck, Moneygram and Western Union. If you are paying by bank check, Please indicate who the student is and their email address. Make all checks and or money orders payable to CBIS.

There is a percentage service charge for administrative purposes for the 24 and 36-month payment plans and zero percent for the 12-month payment plan.

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