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Life Experience Credit

Christian Bible Institute & Seminary Honors Life Experience.


The lessons you have learned in life are honored and translated into credits, rather than ignored and wasted. Since you are not forced to re-learn lessons, you already know, you are free to go on to discover new truths. Your educational time and expense are decreased while your learning is increased. Your learning is clarified and validated through the use of ongoing practica, making life itself one of your major teachers.

The Life Experience Assessment Portfolio (LEAP) is designed to apply college credits towards the Degree Program of the student’s choice. This affords the student to be credited with what they have already learned. In addition, students may qualify for their degree with a minimum of course requirements.

The LEAP is designed to bestow college level credits to individuals who submit valid and verifiable information on their resume to be accredited towards their Degree Program. Prior learning, work/ministry/military experience, seminars attended, books read and professional licenses, certificates and diplomas are evaluated for credit. LEAP also allows a student to have up to 20% of their required credits towards their Degree awarded based on their ministry life experience along with additional coursework, exams and academic papers.

There is a $300.00 Life Experience Assessment Portfolio fee required to review and calculate total credits to be awarded for prior learning and professional credits earned. This Assessment Fee must be paid in full at time of application/enrollment and is non-refundable.

*CBIS charges $13.33 per credit awarded towards life experience. For example; If CBIS awards the student 15 credits for life experience, the student would need to pay an additional $199.95 above the cost of the Life Experience Assessment Portfolio fee*

You may click on the PayPal button to pay for the Assessment.  Upon successfully paying for the Assessment, you will be able to download the form.

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