Building a Biblical and Theological Foundation

Essential for students who feel called to vocational ministry.

Bachelor of Theology

60 Credit Hours
2 Years (Average)

Prerequisites: Associate Degree or Equivalent

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degree focuses on historical, systematic, and biblical theology. Professional ministry issues are not a focus of this program. Nevertheless, the program is designed to provide a theological foundation for ministerial service. The program consists of 20 courses, 3 semester credit hours each, for a total of 60 credit hours. The curriculum for this degree program is produced by some of the world’s top biblical scholars and theologians and serves persons who wish to explore disciplines within Christian theology.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • BOT111 Old Testament Survey I
  • BOT122 Old Testament Survey II
  • BNT100 New Testament Survey
  • BTH106 Bible Doctrines
  • BPA475 Understanding Prayer
  • BTH121 Systematic Theology I
  • BTH221 Systematic Theology II
  • BTH 343 Systematic Theology III
  • BTH454 Systematic Theology IV
  • BTH460 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BPA370 Homiletics
  • BTH300 God’s Kingdom Principles
  • ADM311 Leadership in Ministry I
  • ADM422 Leadership in Ministry II
  • BPA460 Ethics and Excellence
  • BPA333 Nature of Faith
  • BPA230 Living Epistles
  • MIS340 Comparative Religions
  • BTH331 The Anointing
  • MIS232 Biblical Foundations for World Missions

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor to help him or her throughout this program.
(Courses are subject to change at the suggestion of your academic advisor)

A total of 60 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from CBIS. A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours.

Class Type

100% online/correspondence, 4-week courses

Start Date

Rolling Admissions

Transfer Credits

Transfer in up to 50% of the degree total


Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education